Monopoly, MoMo and Much More….

This is my first blog to this group and came apparently on my first time visit @ sandy’s house and you know what, we took a great stride forward to find his house. (Though interestingly the other two with me knew his place and had been once, not too long ago). First went into wrong apartment, contended the watchman and persuaded that ancient indeed dwells there! You bet we climbed all four stories to find a wrong house. 🙂 Yes indeed we climbed all the four stories, pity – even the power was against us! Nevertheless we climbed again four stories, now inside the correct apartment and reached his house sweating like a whatever. Must say he was welcoming with his usual great smile with three nice glasses of H20. Yes someone said it rightly ‘Water is elixir of life’

As soon as we were in – Jumped right away into ‘Monopoly’ Game which was waiting for us with the winner already selected. Money unfurled – Horse, Car, Cannon and Dog were all on the mark, Dice rolled out and the Horse took the initial lead. Little did he know that, It will be the first to get bankrupt out. Horse jumped all over, but on wrong places. Car was fast but no furious. Cannon was loud, but no clear. Dog was loyal, but clever.

As the old proverb goes “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” Nothing lucky happened to poor unprepared horse with no opportunity. Later even after the mighty transformation into Titanic – it got worsen by sinking – not by hitting an iceberg, but just by array of wooden houses build along its pathway once after the other after the other…. loosing all its wealth deep down inside into the bank balance of the others 🙂 “One down – Two More To Go” was the mantra for the loyal ancient creature. Meanwhile Trade flourished, Cities conquered, Empires built, MoMo’s munched, Noodles screwed, Soups sucked, Chocos Chewed but the beat went on and on and on….

Soon after sometimes as the game advanced, Car seemed to have some problems. It ran wild and rumbled all over, Flat tires indeed gave little hitch’s, but got rescued by a spare tire 🙂 but very soon down the lane it was running out of gas and this time there was no other choice but to surrender and switch its engines off. Now the business was too down with two up!!. Cannon shot all over and missed all its targets. Dog was like goD with full control. [Somebody please stop him] Gaming was going intense on one end but the fun ride was unstoppable at the other!! Photos clicked candidly, videos recorded vividly- fun was unlimited. The much awaited climax approached as the canon balls ceased to contain gun powder, mortgage happened oft and clearly it was a ‘year of dogs‘ as per the Chinese calendar. It barked “victory shout” and took possession of almost entire cities, towns and roads. Kudos dude, played sanely well with a hint of luck. Monopoly at its best!!

After money-crunching round of monopoly and after some food for thought(eating tanda tanda noodles, soups, rice and wasting much) UNO cards were brought into picture. A new pack of UNO cards was shuffled like mixing dhal and rice. Believe it or not, It happened exactly like this – spreading all the cards on bed and mixing in a haphazard random manner with two hands – looked crazy. Today only I knew that shuffling can be done this way also. 🙂 After a small crash course on the rules, cards were flipped and play was on. Players picked up the game quickly and improved a lot and even the rules were improvised to suite us better. It was all played with full josh and with never die attitude. The dreaded ‘draw four’ made last minute twists, ‘Reverse’ made players reserved. ‘Draw Two’ doomed all. ‘Skip’ stole someone’s chance and the ‘trump card’ was indeed a triumph card. The game very soon become addictive, but time was our envy. We couldn’t win time but truly enjoyed the entire time spent. One more moment to cherish. From the pages of “Crazzzzy Five Gang” (CFG)

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