Places I want to visit

I believe every person will have a dream to go and see a particular place in their life. Many of the people actually work towards their dream of seeing some place that they always wanted to… So even I am one of those people who dream of going and seeing a destination without any reason … Its just they want to…. And i do not have only 1 place in my mind, i have several 🙂 I will list it out below and will definitely try to travel all of the places or at least some of the places.
So here comes the list of my dream travel destinations 🙂

Scotland : Lovely Castles, Lands, Flowers, Beaches.


PaRiS : City of love, architecture, fashion, glamour.

Rhodes Island: Sceneric Beauty, Beaches. Islands

My dream destinations are not only outside India…But in my next post it will have details of Indian destinations. 🙂

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