One Nite @ Calangute Beach

Each time this dreamy girl went to Goa, she always came back with beautiful memories. The below is a reminiscence of one such nite in Goa.

By 2 a.m that night Eesha and her friends were tired because they had danced all night and partied on beach and then they decided to spend the night on the beach. The plan was to chit chat through out the night. They laid down on the bed of sand. Neil had always liked her but due to certain circumstances had not been able to tell her about it. He actually wanted to forget her and tried to force himself to get away from her because he was scared of loosing her.

So lying down next to her, gazing at the stars..They started talking to each other..It was always like that when Eesha and neil are talking, they would get so engrossed in each other that they would literally forget the others…

In the middle of the talk, they got interrupted by an unexpected rain. They all ran to the closest shelter they could find which was a shack not to far away. In morning time the same shack will be buzzing with different activities, people boozing, talking and playing. At this time in thj same shack people were sleeping on the tables and chairs. Eesha and her friends also found some chairs to sit waiting for the rain to stop. Their energy level was dropping down now, so the person who was sitting next to Eesha whispered in her ear “sona nahi”(dont sleep). She whispered the same words to the person sitting next to her, and by the time these words could reach Neil.. Eesha slept off.

Neil was the only guy who was not drunk that night so he decided to be awake whole night to take care of all the friends who were in dead sleep now. Neil always wanted to see Sun-rise from the sea-shore so this also kept him away from sleep.

But destiny had planned something for Neil. Droplets of water starting falling from the roof where Eesha was sleeping. So she dragged her chair near to Neil’s place and again went off to sleep.

There Eesha was sleeping in front of Neil, his heart beats had increased because he could watch her sleeping whole night. He wanted to hug her and kiss her but the situation dint allow him to do this because he had not told about his love for her. So he spent the night admiring the girl who was love of his life. He knew it would not get better then this, because he was seeing the sun rise with Eesha in front of him.

Every girl would love to get adored like the way Eesha got adored that day,Eesha was one such lucky girl who got so much of love that night but she may or may not get to know about this in her life.

So in Life you may miss the moments that you always dream about and live your life thinking that you never get to cherish some moments. And that’s all about that night on Calangute Beach.

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