Flashbacks of a fool …

1. Be happy with the traffic …. you cant get a boeing anywayz …
2. Beer cans should be made double the size with half the calories and halfer the price …
3. Be your own santa … you can always wish and wish you had not wished for it !!!
4. Settle in Goa … you can always drink fenny and imagine you are sailing to the north pole …
5. Go to cuba and check the cigar plantations …. tell them they need to consider outsourcing!!!
6. Eat as many momo’s as you can … you can get fat and die happy!!!
7. Try to get into others shoes…see if they had forgotten to put the laces right …
8. Create your epitaph today … and win discounts on your death …
9. Have a good snazzy name like Wofgozniak … you can have streets named after it ..
10. Get an affidavit … its a legal way of metamorphing yourself …
11. Work hard and party harder …. dont work … party harder still ….
12. Dont use … create!!!
13. Be with people you like being with …. give them a cigar and tell them they are good …
14. Dont worry … as long as there is life … there is a way ….

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