Delhi Blues

Delhi as a city looked so different this time … I didnt go to CP, which used to be my fav hunt during engineering…. didnt go to Ansal Plaza or Dilli Hut for those sizzling Nagaland House momos with fruit beer …no Satyaniketan , no movies at Priya … all I saw was morning fog, BPEL Cluser Issues, New Friends Colony’s Ego Desi dining, the college students chatting on the foot steps, and tons of French movies at UTI world movies; but I must admit… Delhi serves some of the best chicken in the country … even the chapattis were so soft and yummy!!! Maybe I was hungry after 12 hours of continous work … but it was good …

I made a couple of friends … one being Kanjan Bhai … this guy is just great… he never says no to breaks….”Oi abhi toh li thi break….koi nahi…chal yaar …!!!”..Sometimes we would stroll around NFC market, checking the chics and the vendors …. he would keep saying … “Take it cool yaar … chill!!!”. I just love this guy!!!

I saw very little of Delhi… but did see a lot of Gurgaon and Noida … Noida is a good place … met Devendra bhai …we cooked mutton at his place and watched the last Test betwen England and India… the experimental mutton escapade turned into a spicy shreddeed meat soup after like 7 hawkins whistles!!! 🙂 Then met my college junior Shweta and went for bowling and air hockey… that was fun too …

Some images … couldnt take much … was really BPEL stuck!!!

Jesus’ Birth at Bethlehem@Shipra …

The most beautiful ladies in Delhi….

Look at those crows …. stunning… near the Akshardham Temple towards Mayur Vihar …

My driver and friend .. Vikas bhai for all the drives from Gurgaon to Delhi to Noida and back … hes one of the best drivers with a nice sense of humour I have ever met ….

The cables on the Commonwealth Village Pylons ….

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