Gud Dhani @ BTM

Yesterday I went with my friends to a recently opened restaurant called “Gud Dhani”.
The experience was bad, the only good thing was I was with my had lots of fun and chit-chat about the people sitting over there.
Service was bad..We entered at 8.45 and came out at 10.30…They took almost more then a hour to take our orders. In that 1 hour, waiters came and asked for the orders twice coz they had forgotten. I had ordered a chappati- he gave me a rock(i.e. chapati).
Place is too small….No proper management….
It will take some time for restaurant people to manage it properly… and may be after a while it comes out as favorite place for food among bachelors living around BTM. Food is good..home made north Indian taste.

2 thoughts on “Gud Dhani @ BTM

  1. Gud Dhani .. Too good Restaurant .. If you guyz want to lick the real taste of home made then go ahead for gud dhani .. Also, You will be shocked to see the interior.. Last weekend i was there .. So observed these things that day ..


  2. I am a regular visitor to the place with my wife for a month now. i stay in Koramangala and got to know them by website never saw too many veg varieties before at a single place. I like the rajasthani people there. Very good to talk to. I also love the price. Very very reasonable. parathas were very delicious. Me and my wife really like the place. I am wondering why and when might that happened to you. May be they started at that time. May be you visited right place but wrong time.


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