@ LoT CaN hApPeN oVeR cOfFeE

5 crazzy guys set the plan of watching a movie “Rab Ne bana di Jodi”…. On firday these guyz came to office in morning..actually late morning… had a coffee break of 2 hours…Came back to their desk and started chit-chat again…by the time chat got over..Ring the BeLL- it was lunch time….they again went for a 3 hours lunch break…came back and ran from office to watch the movie…
The after effect of a movie was something like these- One girl went to a silent trauma of 2 hours…One guy went sentimental about another guy…2nd guy got lost in solving the mystery of 2 gals…3rd one was all confused and somewhere in deep thoughts…the one more girl was sipping the coffee and was laughing for everything….
Then after sipping their coffees….you could hear all giggles..loud laughs…proposals (in short – tujhme rab dikhna process) and break ups(in short- wen U stop seeing the RAB)….these laughs and giggles went on..n..on..n..on…..
@ lOt aCtUaLlY hApPeN oVeR tHe CoFfEe dAt DaY…

One thought on “@ LoT CaN hApPeN oVeR cOfFeE

  1. Guess this movie should have been renamed Dance Ne Bana Di jodi hamari!!! Or something like … Panipuri ne bana di jodi hamari … anywayz… who is the guy who was going senti over another guy?? I am sure Bryan Adams would love to meet this guy … Amen!!!


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